Email Marketing Calgary

Using targeted email marketing automation and optimized workflows, we create more effective campaigns for your business.

Email Marketing: Create warm email drip campaigns to nurture leads, create follow-up email series, build lists and segments, and much more.

Analytics: Track your reach, A/B-test and compare performance and optimize the campaigns accordingly.

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Plum Marketing Corp Calgary allows you to create promotional blasts, welcome emails, and onboarding series. This will allow you to deliver impactful communication right in your customers' inboxes at every stage of their journey.

Plum Marketing Corp Calgary creates a professional looking email! We either use a library of templates or create a brand-new design. We add the style and blocks that you desire to match your brand and impress your audience.

We personalize the content as per the requirements of your business. With our advanced email options, we dynamically style the template to give a better user experience.

Plum marketing corp specializes in eNewsletter campaigns that will grow your business. We are able to create captivating subject lines, great content and balance information. We adhere to the campaign's branding and timeline. Plum Marketing Corp is dedicated to eNewsletter's goal of developing your business. We are focused on creating compelling titles, writing extraordinary content and headings, as well as adjusting data. We are committed to marking and booking our crusade.